About Off Your Plate

As a small business owner, you are faced with the challenge of wearing many hats.  Operational tasks divert attention from high-value activities like strategic planning and managing client relationships.  Of course, the operational activities need to be performed, but there comes a time when every business owner realizes there are only so many hours in the day and you need to ask yourself: 

Where is my time making the biggest impact?  

As you are weighing out this question, you may have a specific $ value attached to your time. For professional services companies, you can look to your billable rate to help you evaluate your situation.  After you add up the time you need to spend on your business, you need to identify what lower value activities are not generating a good return on your time.

That is where Off Your Plate comes in. Off Your Plate does the bookkeeping and administrative activities which allows you to then focus on providing value to your clients and business.

Dina Poole


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What some of our customers are saying:
“Dina provides us with accurate bookkeeping and timely reporting which helps us make important decisions about our business.”
- Brady B.
“Off Your Plate helps me with everything from invoicing to forecasting financials and more. I wish I had hired Dina sooner.”
- Dana B.